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it was hanged with gold so red

for ensemble KNM (2018)


In “it was hanged with gold so red” I sought to explore disillusionment and the possibility of creation,  as well as the longing for it, particularly in the aftermath of a struggle or collapse of some sort. I used selected lyrics of Allen Ginsberg and field recordings that I picked up in Tanzania to add an electronic dimension to the piece, making the intention behind it more vivid. The title is drawn from the cryptic Middle English song  “Corpus Christi Carol”. Though the meaning is unclear, the song undoubtedly holds Christian symbolism and very probably references the fate of Anne Boleyn in the form of a guarded homage. This backdrop juxtaposed with the texts of Ginsberg were structural to the writing process, in terms of the way they address the human condition, our struggles  and the deep necessity within us to create.   

“The room closed down on me, I expected the presence 

      of the Creator, I saw my gray painted walls and

      ceiling, they contained my room, they contained


as the sky contained my garden,

I opened my door…” (Ginsberg, Transcription of organ music)

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